Building a world of art, for the art world.

We’re assembling the best creators to form a future we want to live in - a future driven by great art, and great artists.

Artists, welcome home.

This is a metaverse society for those with the courage to create what others can only imagine.

For those wanting to build a future we want to live in. Not one owned by legacy institutions of the past, but one owned by the creators, in service of the many, not the few.

This is a home space to connect, experience, and grow, together. Come with us, enter into this space and build the future with us.

The question is not whether we can create the future. It’s what kind of future will we create?


Justin (formerly at Magic Leap) makes art, writes stories, and creates immersive AR and VR experiences. His AR lenses have been viewed over 100 million times across Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Justin has worked with a number of clients throughout his career including stage designs for touring musicians including Drake and CharliXCX

Justin Melillo | CEO

Alex (former Head of Engineering at is a musician and full-stack engineer. As a Harvard Innovation Fellow (Blockchain), he's been building projects in the web3 space since 2016. Alex is excited about tearing down technological barriers to spur a new generation of creator-owned, immersive art. Alex joined up with Justin and Matt to make this possible.

Alex Patin | CTO

Matt is a visual artist. He has spent half a decade pioneering in Virtual and Augmented Reality (inventor on 12 patents). As a co-founder of the Arch Mission, he helps archive humanity’s most important knowledge and has led 4 successful space missions (and one moon landing). At MoNA, he is passionate about materializing an open, platform-agnostic metaverse for artists.

Matt Hoerl | COO

Build with us.

Are you an artist, collector, or investor who wants to help build MoNA?